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Stanly county republican commissioners declare war on towns.

At their monthly meeting, Stanly County Commissioners Joseph Burleson, Gene McIntyre and Ashley Morgan blindsighted the public. At 6:59PM, they introduced an agenda change for their meeting at 7:00PM to include an amendment to drastically affect towns and cities in Stanly County. Essentially, the move will take away sales tax revenue from towns, and give it to the county commissioners to spend on whatever they want. 

Albemarle City Councilman, Dr. Chris Bramlett, said at the meeting, “What do you see we should stop doing that we’re doing...This is declaring war on us.” Badin Town Manager said, "Essentially we’d have to roll up the streets."

None of the commissioners stated why they need the money. But, the writing's on the wall. They need to pay for things like a $2 million fire station in Norwood that taxpayers are actively trying to stop.

As long as they stay in power, Stanly County Republicans will continue to bully the towns. It's our job to stop them, and it's our job to beat them in the ballot box.