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PETITION TO NC LEGISLATORS: I Support Medicaid Expansion in NC!

Today, NC Democrats introduced a plan to expand Medicaid across the Tarheel state. No strings attached.

Add your name to our petition to legislators, telling them you support Democrats’ proposal to provide quality healthcare to all North Carolinians, regardless of income, social status or pre-existing condition.


When Democrat Governor Roy Cooper took office in 2017, he made a firm commitment to expand Medicaid to the estimated 626,000 North Carolinians who lack health insurance. Republicans have opposed and obstructed, even going so far as to sue Governor Cooper for using his executive authority to fix the broken healthcare system.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Medicaid Expansion would provide insurance to 208,000 North Carolinians who otherwise would not be able to afford coverage. Economically, North Carolina is leaving $36.1 BILLION on the table by not expanding medicaid - this in the form of extra revenue for hospitals and jobs in the healthcare field.

This year, Democrats are fighting back.

Democratic legislators - who broke the GOP supermajority in the General Assembly in last year’s election - stood firmly together with a comprehensive plan to expand medicaid. They’re united, but they need our help.

Tell our Democrats in Raleigh we’re with them. Sign this petition today.