Stanly County Republicans Declare War

Republican County Commissioners (or, as many folks in Stanly County call them, "Burr"publicans because of their reliance on Rep. Justin Burr to win re-election), tried to pull a fast one on everyone. At 6:59PM, Commissioner Joseph Burleson introduced an agenda item to shift tax revenue from the towns to the county commissioners. Basically, the move would cut sales tax revenue from the towns: meaning, Albemarle would lose over half a million dollars, annually, and Badin would lose nearly $300,000 a year.  Stanfield loses $119,861, Oakboro loses $104,659, Misenheimer loses $103,016, Red Cross loses $96,668, Locust loses $77,867, Richfield loses $64,760, New London loses $40,584, and Norwood loses $10,2710. 

Dr. Chris Bramlett, a Republican councilman from Albemarle, voiced his opposition at the commissioner's meeting. “I can’t believe you came up with something like this...what do you see we should stop doing that we’re doing...This is declaring war on us.”

“Essentially we’d have to roll up the streets,” Badin Town Manager Jay Almond said about the devastating impact on the town of Badin.

Badin Councilman, and Stanly County Democratic Party Chairman, Ryan Hatley said the town would have to eliminate its police department.

Commissioners Burleson, Morgan, Swain and McIntyre, the original proponents of the amendment, did not state what they needed the extra revenue for. However, the writing is on the wall. They made a bunch of campaign promises to re-open Oakboro school, although the school requires potentially millions of dollars in repairs. The town of Norwood has plans to build a $2 million fire station downtown, but there's only one problem: county fire tax revenue go towards such a project, so county taxpayers essentially have to foot the bill.

The "Burr"publican County Commissioners have themselves in a real pickle. They made a bunch of campaign promises, and now they have to deliver. It's our job to hold them accountable, and it's our job to kick them out of office.