This week, Republicans have really shown their true colors. At an official press conference, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said "even Hitler didn't use chemical weapons." Met with heavy criticisms and calls for him to be fired from the Anne Frank Center, he attempted to walk back his comments by saying Hitler didn't use gas to kill his own people. Apparently refusing to accept that Jewish people murdered under Hitler were Germans. Spicer, either intentionally or subconsciously, categorized a group of people as lesser beings.

This week, we've seen Republicans in North Carolina follow the same disparaging trend. Unfortunately, some of these Republicans represent constituents of the 8th Congressional District. Defying the Supreme Court and the Constitution, Rep. Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus) co-sponsored a bill to ban same-sex marriage. With no regard to the founding documents of our nation, Pittman wants to use his power as a Representative to not only codify discrimination, but marginalize any gay or lesbian person as a lesser human being. In this bill, Pittman uses scripture to justify criminalizing gay marriage. In it's text, the bill says it is intended to "return to the decree of Almighty God". There's a hidden meaning behind this. Pittman doesn't only believe gay people should not be able to marry, but he believes they are lesser human beings in the eyes of God, and should be punished.

Pittman didn't stop his hateful rhetoric there. In a public Facebook conversation, he likened President Abraham Lincoln to Hitler, calling Lincoln a "tyrant". He even went so far as to say the Civil War was "unnecessary." Coming from the same man who drives around a white Chevy with Confederate flag stickers tatted on the back window, Pittman doesn't believe the war to end slavery was necessary. At a speech to Grass Roots North Carolina in 2013, Pittman advocated for fewer restrictions on guns and the elimination of concealed carry permits, saying "its the slaves that are unarmed." 

Larry Pittman is a disgrace to North Carolina, and a disgrace to our state legislature. We cannot continue to sit idly by and conscientiously allow a hateful man like Pittman to continue to serve in the state legislature. It is a desecration to the office, and the good people of Cabarrus County deserve so much better. Pittman believes in a divided world. One where people like him possess rights, and people unlike him are suppressed. Larry Pittman does not deserve to serve in the N.C. House, and leaders in the Republican Party should call for his immediate resignation.