Free the Internet

Hudson Net Neutrality.png

Throughout rural North Carolina, the struggle for affordable, high-speed internet can be hard to find. In today's world, internet is an essential part of business and communications. Many of our school children depend on the internet to complete assignments and research important topics.

In the 1940's, President Franklin Roosevelt recognized the importance of electricity in rural America, so he ran electric lines to those areas. We need to do the same for internet today.

We should be making internet more affordable, and more available for everyone. Unfortunately, Republicans in DC have different plans. On December 13th, Congressman Richard Hudson joined 102 other Republicans to sign a letter to the FCC, urging them to repeal "Net Neutrality".

They said it would "restore Internet freedom", but what it really does is put our free and (relatively) fast access to the internet at risk. The FCC's vote to repeal Net Neutrality could allow internet-service-providing companies like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast to charge us to access certain things on the internet.

Why would Congressman Hudson pen a letter supporting the repeal? We're sure it has something to do with him receiving $130,000 in campaign contributions from those companies.

It's just another way that money has taken over our government. Richard Hudson is an alligator swimming in the swamp.

Add your name to this petition demanding Hudson remove his signature.