Hudson Votes AGAINST Hurricane Relief for Houston

Hurricane Hudson.png

North Carolinian's are known for being resilient in the wake of hurricanes. Some in the North may mock us for closing the streets when it snows, but we know better than anyone how to handle and prepare for hurricanes. After hurricanes as recent as Matthew last year, which decimated entire towns in the east, North Carolinian's know how devastating hurricanes can be.

When Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston, killing 66 and destroying homes and businesses, the nation responded with compassion. We saw the infamous "Cajun Army" helping people and pets stranded on their roofs. Our Governor, Roy Cooper, deployed national guard troops to Houston to rescue people trapped in flood waters.

Even with Hurricane Irma roaring towards North Carolina, our Congressman Richard Hudson voted against the bipartisan agreement between President Trump and Congressional Democrats to fund the government and provide relief to victims of Harvey.

Hudson has nothing to worry about living in Washington D.C., but what happens when Irma or another hurricane destroys parts of North Carolina and we need relief? Will he play politics and vote against relief funding then, too?

We DESERVE a new Congressman before anymore lives are lost. Sign here to demand new leadership.

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