Hudson Bails on Constituents

On Saturday, June 3, concerned citizens from all 7 counties of the 8th Congressional District congregated in Pinehurst for a town hall-style meeting with Congressman Richard Hudson. However, Hudson bailed and refused to show up. His office said he couldn't come because of scheduling issues, but that was all smoke and mirrors. On Monday, a Facebook post from his campaign proved that he skipped out on the meeting with constituents for a photo op in Midland.

Nevertheless, the concerned citizens persisted. They heard from doctors and hospital administrators on the impact of Trumpcare on hardworking families and senior citizens in the 8th District. There were no paid protesters or rowdy activists, as Hudson's office would make you believe; it was a civil event that represented the fundamental backbone of American democracy.

Even Republicans took notice of how Hudson won't answer simple questions from constituents. On a Facebook post with his photo op, a conservative voter commented, "Conservative voter here...sir, as long as you refuse to meet with your constituents (you know, the people you work for) I am not interested in any of your rosy press releases." Another Republican wrote a letter to the editor in the Salisbury Post, saying, "It feels like we have a professional politician, good at double disappointing."  

Richard Hudson represents everything that is wrong with Washington. He's a member of the political elite who has spent his entire life in the swamp. His constituents, including Republicans, are starting to smell it.