Richard Hudson and Trumpcare

Representative Richard Hudson, a Washington insider-turned Congressman, has just voted for the disastrous Trumpcare bill. After months of avoiding conversations with his constituents about the impact of repealing President Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act, Hudson has voted to deny nearly 41,000 of his constituents of healthcare.

North Carolina's 8th Congressional District is a rural one, made up of a diverse population with many senior citizens. Trumpcare will hurt those people, who tend to also be the sickest people. Under the current law, a 64 year old person living on $26k a year pays a $1,700 premium--which is expensive, but not outrageous. Under Trumpcare, those costs will soar. According to the Atlantic, the premium for a 64 year old person will skyrocket to $14,600.

Trumpcare also eliminates the Affordable Care Act's cost-sharing reductions and reduces the amount of conditions that healthcare exchange plans can cover. In other words, a senior citizen under Trumpcare will pay nearly 9 times more than they are now, for about two-thirds of the care that they currently receive. No wonder the AARP publicly opposed the bill.

Under Trumpcare, premiums increase for everyone, mainly seniors citizens, while federal assistance for helping to cover those premiums is cut. While Trumpcare will hurt those who are sick, elderly or poor, it provides steep tax cuts for big pharmaceutical companies. Instead of working to bring down expensive drug costs, Republicans are giving drug-makers and insurance companies a $200 billion windfall in tax breaks. Republicans know the bill is bad, which is why they decided to exempt their own healthcare from being affected.

Richard Hudson voted for the bill before the Congressional Budget Office could even tell us how it will impact the nation. 

We deserve a better Congressman. We deserve a Congressman who does his homework before voting on a bill. We deserve a Congressman who votes for his constituents, not against them. Richard Hudson who only serves as a rubber stamp for the Republican Party, and it's time to drain the swamp.