If they can win in Georgia, we can win in North Carolina.

On Tuesday night, Democrat Jon Ossoff blew everyone's mind. The 30 year old investigative filmmaker and former congressional aide won nearly every precinct in a special election to fill former Rep. Tom Price's seat in Georgia's 6th Congressional District. Out of 18 people running, most Republicans, Ossoff doubled his next best competitor, the former Secretary of State of Georgia, with nearly 50% of the total vote.

This is huge, but it also represents the growing angst and distrust in Republicans and this inept administration. North Carolina's 8th Congressional District is just as competitive than Georgia's 6th District. The Cook Political Report lists GA 06 as having a 6 point Republican advantage. They give NC's 8th an 8 point advantage for the GOP. But, last year's election showed us that the predictions and polls are simply a number to beat. Jon Ossoff just scored nearly 50% of the vote in a district that he's only supposed to get 44% in, at best.

Jon Ossoff just won big in a seat that Tom Price has held for 6 terms. It was Newt Gingrich's seat. It's safe to say this is usually a safe seat for Republicans, but not anymore. Democrats across the country are animated and have shown their motivation to get involved to fight the reactionary GOP agenda. 

In 2018, we in the 8th District can ride the momentum and beat Richard Hudson. We can kick Justin Burr, Carl Ford, and Larry Pittman out of office. But, we'll need all the help we can get, and we've got to start now. It takes a lot of money, it takes a lot of people and it takes a lot of door knocking. That's why we're getting the ball rolling on candidate recruitment. That's why we've already signed the lease for our headquarters in Albemarle, and are looking to open more across the district. That's why we're aggressively raising money and challenging Republican incumbents across the 8th District.

Help us take back North Carolina.